Slimline Minimalist Wallet Blocking Technology

Aluminum- Slimline Minimalist Wallet with RFID Blocking Technology - Smart Money Clip - Silver - CE188XQZHR4

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT​ & ​COMPACT ​- Say goodbye to ​bloated,​ ​bulky​ pockets where your wallet stabs your leg or makes in awkward to sit. Crafted from ​high-grade aviation​ aluminum, our ​smart wallet provides comfort and ​convenience ​wherever you go. Designed to be thinner and less intrusive than traditional wallets, ​this ​sleek ​construct allows you to easily transport your ​wallet​ in any article of clothing and accessing your money and cards is just as ​seamless​.
  • ANTI THEFT​,​ ​CARD READER​ PROTECTION​ - ​Engineered with RFID ​chip blocking technology​, all of your information is safeguarded against electronic thieves and scanners. In a world full of scam artists and opportunists, this ​protective lining​ keeps you ​safe ​and ​secure ​from identity theft. Also, because of the ​aluminum casing​ and sturdy elastic band, your personal items are preserved from spills, damage, and falls.
  • CONVENIENCE​ AT YOUR FINGERTIPS:​ Aside from unnecessary bulk, one of the chief complaints men have regarding ​billfolds​ is their ​accessibility​. ​Small​ ​money sleeves​ are frustrating when you have to retrieve a card or cash in a hurry. The Coogi ​cardholders ​were fashioned to make navigation as simple as possible. Built with a ​sturdy ​money clip on the outside, and ​flexible​ ​elastic webbing that firmly holds up to 12 cards, this ​fashion accessory​ is for the man who has no time for fu
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY​ ​- The ​stylish​ and ​elegant craftsmanship ​of these bifolds speaks to the premium construction​ and care that went into designing this line of ​menswear​. Each ​credit card holder​ is constructed with ​durable aluminum, ​meant to withstand the active lifestyle of the ​modern man. With ​heavy duty​ ​spring steel, it is ​resilient​ to bending or breaking. The ​anti-snag​, rounded corners prevent it from getting snagged on material and the aluminum shell ensures it maintains it
  • FOR FRONT AND BACK POCKETS ​-​ ​The ​thin​ and ​light​ body seamlessly fits into virtually any front or back pant pocket. No more sitting at a slant or your wallet digging into your inner thigh or unattractive bulk ruining the aesthetics of your suit when you sit down. Plus, studies show that oversized bifolds can actually wreak havoc on your posture and spine. ​Highly-functional, highly-attractive, and highly-convenient​, why WOULDN’T you choose Coogi?

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